Year: 2021

All About Digital Marketing!


Digital Deepak Internship Program- The effective AXE!

I remember one story from my childhood. It goes like this: “Once upon a time, a woodcutter asked for a job at a timber merchant. His boss takes an interview and offer him a job with good pay. The woodcutter agrees to join him and from the very next day, he started working there. On…
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Hostinger Review

All you need to know about Hostinger (Review Article)

Digital Marketing has become inevitable for promoting businesses. For aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses, it has to be a mainstream platform to market and promote their products and services. A sound strategy is important for any successful marketing campaign and the mediums to execute those strategies are also equally important. In digital marketing, various tools…
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Online Course on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

COURSE BEGINS ON 15 JULY 2021 Admissions Started! “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” Digi-Pub India is presenting an online course on “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”. “Online Training Program with infinite opportunities” Course Details: Ideal for: Students, Self-Employed & Working Professionals, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Freelancers. Content Modules: 12 Nos. Duration: 12 Weeks Format: Live Online…
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Working Professional

Learn 10 Lead generation techniques for Working Professionals

Working professional refers to anyone who earns their living from performing an activity that requires a certain level of education, skill, or training. E.g. Doctors, Commerical Bankers, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Teachers, Professors, Lawyers, Trainers, Architects, Fashion Designers, Interior Decorators, Consultants, Photographers, Event Managers, etc. Working Professionals are either highly educated or highly skilled in their…
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Aspiring Entrepreneur

10 things to keep in mind for an aspiring entrepreneur!

An aspiring entrepreneur has a vision and passion for starting a business from scratch and has the ambition to transform dreams into reality. If you plan to start your business soon, then you should read this blog to get insights about the things you should keep in your mind. Here are 10 things you should…
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Small Business Owner

8 Awesome Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners!

Small Business owners are too much involved in too many processes to operate the business. It may lead to a situation where the business owners find it hard to set priorities. While focusing on the core business, manufacturing the product or delivering services, marketing activities often neglected or treated as the most unimportant aspect. The…
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8 Fundamental Digital Marketing Techniques

8 Digital Marketing Techniques for your business to conquer marketing challenges!

Being an entrepreneur is the most exciting part of your career. There are challenges you face every day while growing your business and dealing with customers. Different personalities deal differently with the challenges they face in their path. As an entrepreneur, you need to list down all the challenges and segment them broadly such as,…
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Why should small businesses hire a digital marketing agency?

As an entrepreneur / small business owner, you work hard to achieve your business goals. There are many challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners while connecting the dots. Marketing is one such dot that many entrepreneurs overlook several times and often consider an expenditure instead of an investment. This thought can seriously affect…
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Digital Marketing Concept

12 Things to keep in mind while choosing a Digital Marketing Program!

There are infinite options available today when it comes to choosing a career and it can become a nightmare for some, and select the appropriate institute to learn those essential career skills can become even more troublesome. Digital Marketing (DM) has emerged as the hottest career option. The possibilities in DM are abundant and choices…
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Marketing Ruling the World

Will Marketing Ever Rule the World?

Will Marketing Ever Rule the World? I genuinely believe this era is an era of Marketing. Not agree with me? Please read through this article to understand the perspective of an aspiring digital marketer. Back in the 1990s, I still remember those days, when I used to go shopping for new clothes with my family;…
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