Learn 10 Lead generation techniques for Working Professionals

Learn 10 Lead generation techniques for Working Professionals

Working Professional

Working professional refers to anyone who earns their living from performing an activity that requires a certain level of education, skill, or training.

E.g. Doctors, Commerical Bankers, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Teachers, Professors, Lawyers, Trainers, Architects, Fashion Designers, Interior Decorators, Consultants, Photographers, Event Managers, etc.

Group of Working Professionals

Working Professionals are either highly educated or highly skilled in their respective niche. They work on referrals or have a specific customers base.

Many of them never explore the marketing strategies for their profession.

Here, we describe 10 lead generation techniques for working professionals to increase their customer base.

  1. Create a responsive website: A responsive website will help customers learn about the products/services you offer. You can automate FAQs on your website with the help of Chatbots. That way, customers can get the answers to their queries whereas you get the information about the products they are searching. You can mention your contact details, working hours, address, map on the website so your customers can easily reach you.
  2. Presence on Social Media: Working Professionals are individuals. To create a profile on Social Media to connect with their respective customers is a good move. They can create a business page preferably on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter. It’s up to you to choose any specific social media platform. You can keep engaging with your customers by asking them to share your page/profile if they are happy with your services, request a review. You can update the latest news, information, project you completed recently on such pages.
  3. Publish e-mails/e-book/Newsletters: E-mail marketing provides you with an opportunity to nurture your leads. You can plan to send regular newsletters, e-books about various news and information related to your industry & profession. You can also share your thoughts and recommendations about, latest products or services updates, special offers, upcoming events, past event reports, recommended reading from other thought leaders
  4. Guest Articles or Speeches in Business Forums: Working Professionals have to improve their “Personal branding”. Writing an article in a magazine or newspaper, giving a speech in conferences, seminars or speaking on a webinar about their niche will increase their face value. It emphasizes your authority in your respective niche.
  5. Google My Business: Google provides a platform to register your business on its network. You can mention the details of your office or shop or plant on Google. You can also set your physical address (of your office/shop/plant/unit) on Google Maps so customers can find you in the nearby locality. It is FREE, why not use it?
  6. Organize & Host Events: Organizing and hosting events, workshops, seminars, webinars, exhibitions, discussion camps, etc. will bring in more serious buyers. It is a way to get quality leads for your products and services. These events could be organized on particular themes or concepts to attract a larger audience.
  7. Search Engine & Social Media Paid Ads: You can opt to launch a paid ads campaigns on Google, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram and other relevant portals. It is not only a good branding exercise but also an efficient lead generation method. Potential leads who visit your website through these ads can be targeted again through remarketing campaigns.
  8. Free Consultations to potential clients: You can organize free consultation session for potential clients to understand their queries. If they are looking for any specific answer, you may work on it and offer them a relevant solution. It builds a rapport with your potential clients and also creates trust in your relationship with them.
  9. Referral Reward Scheme: As most of the working professionals work on referral or word-of-mouth publicity. You can launch an official campaign to drive a referral reward scheme for your existing clients, where you may give discounts or freebies for every successful referral.
  10. Offer Coupons / Discounts: If you have launched any new product or service or planning to launch in the future, you may share the information with your customer base. Offer them an early bird discount or share a discount coupon via e-mail. Such techniques work really well if it is a time-bound campaign.

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