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We help entrepreneurs & small businesses
to achieve their Business objectives by implementing effective digital marketing campaigns.

Digi-Pub India is committed to provide and recommend the best suited marketing mix according to the requirements and budgets. Our services will help your campaigns to reach out to the maximum audiences and ensure you get maximum return on your marketing investments.


Having a responsive and updated website is very essential for any business now a days. It’s the starting point of Digital Marketing.


Content is the KEY in Digital Marketing. We help you to create a relevant and effective content to strenghten your campagins on web


Social Media has become a very important marketing tool to engage with customers both in formal and informal way.


Appearing among the top results of the front page of any search engine by implementing accurate strategies is very critical


No digital marketing campaign can be planned or executed without Search Engine Ads. It is an integral part to reach out to your relevant target groups.


Is required to have a one-to-one engagement with your customers. E-mails are effective for creating brand recall value in the minds of your customers.


The most economical and the best reminder tool in digital marketing campaign is SMS marketing. It helps to generate last minute call or reminders to your customers.


The best part about digital marketing campaigns are that they are higly flexible. With the help of analytical tools we can make alterations in campaign to make it more effective. 

Exhibition Services

Digi-Pub India offers all types of customised stall / booth designing and fabrication services for your participation across exhibitions and trade shows. We precisely observe your brief, work on your on-ground needs, and follow your brand guidelines while creating an engaging booth.
Our creative and experienced team of experts is committed to offering the most innovative and unique stall / booth designs. We ensure that there is less complexity in the execution and more value addition to your brand.
Our production team will ensure, timely execution and the best finishing of the booth / stall and will handover the booth well within the set deadlines. Trust us for the hassle-free fabrication experience.

A few things we’re great at

We strive to bring more effective stategies for your business.
Here is the list we do amazingly well when it comes to Digital Marketing!


We consider you as our partner in growth and not a client or a customer. It helps both of us to trust each other and rely on our expertise.


There is a challenge in managing a campaign within stipulated budgets. We are committed to delivering the maximum output within the assigned budgets.


Our entire approach is inspired by your business objectives. We thoroughly work on this part to ensure the success of the campaign by achieving its goals.


Internet is a dynamic channel and you need to adapt quickly to the situation. We assure you the timely response on your any request.


Creativity is subjective but, we believe in providing numerous creative solutions to break the barriers of being monotonous and cluttered at the same time.


The various aspects of Digital Marketing are still being explored and tested but we have expertise in all perspectives of Digital Marketing.


With the Internet spreading like a wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life,
more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.


The world of Digital Marketing is vibrant & Dynamic. We ensure that you stay updated and grow with the trends in Digital Marketing. This section we share our thoughts and opinions in the form of Blogs, about the industry with the best of our knowledge and experience.


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